Bau Nyale : From Legend to Tradition

January 1st, 2016 | by TheJourneyMagz
Bau Nyale : From Legend to Tradition

On Lombok there is a local legend about rival between every prince in the island, who wanted to marry princes Mandalika of the Tonjang Beru Kingdom. In order to prevent war between kingdoms, she decided to sacrifice herself by jumping from cliff on the coast. And when people try to find her, all they found is the sea worms. This how the Bau Nyale festival begin.


Bau Nyale word is a combination of the local language word ‘bau’ word means catch and ‘nyale’ meaning sea worm. The Bau Nyale is held once every year on February.

During this festival, people come to the beach early in the morning just before sun rise and when waves wash up the worms the local collect them.

It is believed that the worms bring good fortune to everyone; some took the worm home and spread the worm across their field for a good harvest.

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