Bayan Beleq

September 1st, 2016 | by TheJourneyMagz
Bayan Beleq

I t is known that the Islamic religion began to spread to Lombok in 16th century. When Lombok King (based in the Gulf of Lombok) accept Islam as the main religion of the empire, the Islamic empire expanded to the entire territory of neighboring Pejanggik, Parwa, Sarwadadi, Bayan, chock, and Sasak.


Later one the follower of Sunan Kalijaga (Suna, a Javanese term for an Islamic “Saint”) Sunan Pengging, come to Lombok in 1640 to preach about the Islamic religion. He then settle in Bayan village.

The Bayan village with an area of 8,700 ha of a hilly area with the background on the southern foot of Mount Rinjani. Here, there are important relics that can be used as evidence and study materials about the early days of the development of Islam in Lombok Island, namely Masjid Bayan Beleq. This ancient mosque building site is 80 km north of Mataram city.


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