Berugak : The structure of life

March 1st, 2015 | by TheJourneyMagz
Berugak : The structure of life

Berugak is a typical building of Sasak tribe inLombok. The building is supported by four pillars called “sekepat” or six poles called “sekenam”. Berugak is inseparable part of traditional Lombok home; it is dated back from the 17th century, when the Kingdom of Karangasem rules the island. The architecture of Lombok mated the premises of Balinese architecture, up until today.

The existence of berugak for Sasak people has important meaning. Berugak used as living room, a place to gather with family or hold a cultural event.

A”Sekenam” or “sekepat” berugak, each has a different value of philosophy, the four poles berugak has meaning of the truth must take precedence, confidence in holding the mandate, to deliver something should be honest and innocent and as a believers should be smart in addressing or responding to a problem.


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