Cunca Rami Waterfall Flores

November 1st, 2016 | by TheJourneyMagz
Cunca Rami Waterfall Flores

Aside from the Komodo National Park, West Manggarai district; East Nusa Tenggara province also had other interesting tourism objects. One of it is the Cunca Rami waterfall. A 70-meter high waterfall is located at Lamung village, Mbeliling subdistrict, West Manggarai district, East Nusa Tenggara province. This waterfall is in Mbeliling forest, a tourism area with its well-preserved natural mountain ecosystem. It can be reached with in 45 minutes form Labuan Bajo city, the capital city of West Manggarai or about 20 Kilometer.

Flores - Cunca Rami Waterfall (2)

The journey to this beautiful waterfall won’t bore you due to its beautiful natural scenery. The walking path or trekking is started from the village, through pecan trees forest and the fields. You will pass fertile fields. You will arrive at Cunca Rami after crossing a small clear river. From the distance, the charm of the waterfall surrounded by green lush, can be seen and the roar of Cunca Rami waterfall can be heard. Cunca Rami also has natural pool beneath it, a perfect place for a swim in crystal clear water.

The name of Cunca Rami comes from Flores language, cunca means waterfall and rami means forest. So, Cunca Rami means waterfall in the forest. Aside from enjoying the waterfall trekking at Mbeliling forest also can be a fun way to enjoy this beauty of Flores island.


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