Dieng Plateau

January 1st, 2017 | by TheJourneyMagz
Dieng Plateau

Dieng is one of the high land plain tourist spots in central Java. One thing that makes this place unique from the other places is that this place is so sloppy and very steep, but it is planted by different kind of trees and vegetables. Since a long time this place which is located in Wonosobo regency, is famous for its heterogenic trees and vegetables. Despite of its heterogenic trees and vegetables it is also famous for its weather which is fresh in the morning and we can’t tell exactly when the clouds will be coming that can arouse a mystical atmosphere.


The exotic view of this place is no longer doubtful because there are a lot of landscape objects to be visit, like Telaga Warna is one of the best places to visit by the tourist. Over here we can see there are 3 kinds of lake that have different colors which are blue, green, and brown. Further more there are other lake like Merdada Lake, Sumurup Lake and Pengilan Lake.

Beside of its beautiful scenery and colorful lake, we can also visit the historical architecture object. Here we can see the site of the historical ruins of Hindustan temple. This temple was built in the same era as the build of Borobudur temple; it was around the 8th century. It was the center of Hindustan religion development in Central Java. The Archaeologies believed that the Hindustan community in this place was the beginning of Syailendra dynasty. They also the one tha t build the monumental temple.





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