Gunung Kawi Temple

September 1st, 2016 | by TheJourneyMagz
Gunung Kawi Temple

It’s almost evening when we get on our car and leave the Ubud Palace. The idea was to go back home to Denpasar because we were already exhausted from our visits to the Monkey forest, Tegalalang and Ubud the whole day. But on the way, my guide, who is also my cousin, had the idea to stop by at his friends‘ house in Tampaksiring, Gianyar. Me and my other cousin, who was also joining the trip, agreed to take on the detour.


Soon we would find our car entering a small lane in some village. We have seen some unique, well preserved Balinese houses along the way. Old Pelinggih (Balinese Hindu worship tower) is still standing in front of the houses, ready to deliver villagers’ prayers. The mossy ornaments in the main temple of the village signify the age of the temple. This is Banjar Penaka, located in Gianyar regency which is about 40 Km from Denpasar.

The car stops at a beautiful house. A young girl, wearing a traditional Balinese sarong, greets us. It turns out that this is the house of my cousins’ friend. The name of the young girl is Nyoman Widanti. Once we are welcomed to enter the house, the smell of incense caught our attention as we notice some offerings, placed on the floor.  We were told that it is the time for evening prayers



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