Kolbano Beach : The Hidden Beauty

March 1st, 2015 | by TheJourneyMagz
Kolbano Beach : The Hidden Beauty
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A White sandy beach, black or gray is common. A colorful rock studded beach? Have you seen it? If not, try going to the island of Timor, NTT! There is a very unique beach, the Kolbanobeach! The beach is different from most of the beach because the beach is not decorated with white sand but the expanse of colorful stones.


The beach is located in the District Kolbano, South Central Timor, East Nusa Tenggara . To reach the beach, you have to travel a distance of approximately 135 km from the city of Kupang or approximately 3 hours drive. The condition of the road to the beach are quite rough, with winding hilly roads, with a steep rise and fall. Along the way, you will see a variety of scenery. A green forest, paddy field, modest houses town with walled bamboo and thatched roofs.

You will also pass some unique bridge. One is Noelmina Bridge, which spans over the River Noelmina. The bridge is the limiting Kupang Regency South Central Timor. With a length of 240 meters, Bridge Noelmina received the title as the longest bridge on timor island and NTT. In addition of Noelmina Bridge, you will also pass two wooden bridges which are quite challenging, with a hole here and there. So you have to be extra careful through it. All four-wheeled vehicles that will pass this bridge had to queue for, because in addition to the narrow bridge condition, it is also quite old so feared notwithstand heavy loads.




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