May – June 2016 Edition

May 1st, 2016 | by TheJourneyMagz
May – June 2016 Edition

the latest issue of The Journey is out ! with a lot of informative articles such as a visit to the stairway of heaven the ‪#Borobudur‬ in ‪#Java‬ and find more out about the jewel of eastern #Bali the beautiful #TamanUjung‬‬. Don’t miss the article about ‪#‎SendangGileWaterfall‬ in ‪#‎Lombok‬. An unforgettable traveling experience to ‪#LabuanBajo‬ the gateway to #Flores‬. The exotic ‪#RajaAmpat of #Papua‬ and the magnificent view of ‪#MountGalunggung‬ in ‪#‎WestJava‬ and many more travel stories so don’t miss it !

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