Mesmerizing Taman Ayun

June 1st, 2015 | by TheJourneyMagz
Mesmerizing Taman Ayun

As it was known throughout the world Bali is known as the thousand temple island, one of the most famous is the Taman Ayun Temple. It is located in Mengwi village.

What makes this Temple special is because the whole temple area is surrounded by fish pond, that gives an illusion as if the Temple is drifting on water and the temple structure is also unique due to its multi-storied roof.


The history of Taman Ayun according to the famous scroll the Badad chronicle, the temple was build in 1634. The name Taman Ayun come from the word Hyun, which mean a temple in the park. The whole compound was build with the Balinese Hindu philosophical and conceptual basis underlining development of Balinese traditional architecture known as the Tri Mandala concept, the rules of space division and zoning.

Tri Mandala is spatial concept describing three parts of realms, from Nista Mandala — the outer and lower mundane less-sacred realm, Madya Mandala — the intermediate middle realm, to Utama Mandala — the inner and higher most important sacred realm.


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