Mollucans & Cloves

September 1st, 2016 | by TheJourneyMagz
Mollucans & Cloves

Maluku won’t be given the name of “spice island” if clove and nutmeg were not produce, and the dutch colonialist may never set their foot on Indonesia if we don’t have booth of the spices that once worth as gold, it one the reason why the dutch colonial settle here and undermine the natural resources.


I am so gratetful when I arrived in Ambon when the people is harvesting the cloves, on the road the traffic moves slowly, the road side is filled with mats filled with cloves still on drying process. I didn’t see anyone complaining about it, although it distrupt the traffic but because it is already a ritual then it is understandable.

During my 5 days stay in Ambon, I choose to stay in my relative’s house in Hitve besar village, about 20 minutes from Pattimura airport, a simple house but with asthonising scenery, located right in front of Hative bay with the central Ambon city can be seen in the opposite side, the sun rise and set on the same bay. And during 6 PM, the Ambon city beautifully shine by the setting sun.




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