Mount Rinjani & Segara Anak

July 1st, 2016 | by TheJourneyMagz
Mount Rinjani & Segara Anak
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Dawn was already starting to touch the sand and rocks while I was still struggling climbing the almost vertical sand hill. With giving all my strength, I finally manage to stand on top of the ground of Anjani goddess. It has the most beautiful views. On the west side, you can see Mount Agung which is located in Bali, while on the east side you can see Mount Tambora which is located in Sumbawa. They look graceful that morning.


“After this, we’ll be there,” said my companion, pointing downward. From that point on the Segara Anak Lake, that stretches six kilometers, will be visible. Also mount Barujari with its typical cone-shaped Ancient Mountain and the beauty of the Segara Anak Lake are inevitable. I immediately move and cannot wait to enjoy the view from more up close.

To reach Seraga Anak Lake from Plawangan Sembalun, I was told to descend the steep rocky valleys. And I tell you, it was slippery. I slipped a few times. My body felt so tired after our stop at the top of Rinjani at 3726 above mean sea level and now I still have to go down to 2000. But the hard work was paid off when I saw a giant lake in distance. My legs got even more motivated. It’s true what people said. The view of the mountains can beat fatigue!



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