Ngada Tribe

September 1st, 2016 | by TheJourneyMagz
Ngada Tribe

The heart of Flores is host to some of the most vivid and extraordinary cultures found in Indonesia. One of these interesting cultures is that of the Ngada Tribe, which have found a rare synergy between Catholicism and their ancestral beliefs. The tribe is mainly settled around legendary Mount Inerie and Bajawa, the districts capital.


The tribe is separated in clans, and one of the unique aspects of their culture is that they determine their clan belonging by the maternal line of the women. So If a woman bears children, they are automatically members of her clan. Also land-rights, possessions and residences are passed on by the mother. The villagers are very friendly and are happy to teach visitors about their culture. They do not speak English, and the elders usually do not even speak Indonesian, which makes it very interactive.

In any particular Ngada village there are several clans living and they each have a pair of shrines in the centre of the village. These shrines represent Ngadu, meaning Man and Bhaga, meaning woman, which are build to honor their ancestors.




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