Nyepi : a Day of silence

March 1st, 2015 | by TheJourneyMagz
Nyepi : a Day of silence


Indonesia is a vast country with various tribes, cultures, religions, traditions, and festival. Specially when we talk about Bali. As we know, Hinduism is the main religion practiced on Bali. The Hinduism in Bali is a lot different than the one practiced in India and the Hinduism in Bali has one of the most unique festivals called Nyepi Day.


Nyepi Day or knows as the Day of silence, is an annual event that observed to celebrate Balinese New Year. It is very
contradict way to celebrate new year, while in International New Year or event Chinese New Year, we will feel the crowd, noise, fireworks, and all night long party, but in Balinese New Year we celebrated it without much sound or cheer. It is a day of reflection.

Nyepi Day is commemorated every Isakaswara (Saka New Year), a new year day as per the Sasih, the 12 month lunar
calendar of Balinese people. The Balinese using the Gregorian calendar for business and government purposed and using other calendar system for the endless procession of holy days, temple anniversaries, celebrations, marriage, building house, starting business, sacred dances, and other activities defines the Balinese life.



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