Riung 17 Islands

January 1st, 2017 | by TheJourneyMagz
Riung 17 Islands

A cold and quite dawn, the town of Ende is still asleep, a man is already riding on a back of motorcycle taxi (localy known as Ojek) struggling sleepy and cold. I am that ostentatious adventurer, I have to pierce through this chilly morning, because if I’m late I will have to wait until the next morning to enjoy the beauty of Riung’s 17 island marine parks.



The motorcycle taxi drove through the town; I could only withstand the weight of my overweight carrier and a camera bag on my lap. My destination is Ndao terminal; it is from this terminal the buses that go around cities in Flores leaves.

I was amazed by the view along the way, on my left side is a cliff with sea at the bottom, while on the right side is a wall of steep cliffs. Upon arrival in Ende, I was welcomed by a group of children going to school. What interesting is the vehicle they used, not a school bus but a pick-up truck?! It is the strong will to study that moved me.





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