Tegenungan Waterfall

January 1st, 2017 | by TheJourneyMagz
Tegenungan Waterfall

A few sights in Bali could be listed as A-must go sight, such as the Kuta Beach, Tanah Lot & Uluwatu temple, and list could go on and on. But I was planning to seek lesser known sights, a rising star on its way to Bali tourism sights Stardom. So set my choice the Tegenungan waterfall.



Early in the morning I started to drive and heads to Kemenuhan village in Gianyar, just about an hour drive from kuta. It is where the Tegenungan waterfall is located and as I drive I realize that I was also slowly moving from the luxurious crowed southern Bali to a more traditional peaceful part of Bali in up north, along the roadside unlike Kuta with its towering buildings, here traditional Balinese houses still lining up giving you a true feeling of Balinese peaceful way of life.

As I arrive at the entrance, It was nothing special. There are no gigantic entrance gate, no huge permanent ticket counter. Just a small welcome sign and a local official sitting under shady tree to collect the entrance fee. Everything is still simple, not over commercialize. A good sign that I was right about the sight is still under the radar.





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