The Green Canyon

January 1st, 2016 | by TheJourneyMagz
The Green Canyon
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The United States has Grand Canyon, West Java has Green Canyon. With Batu Karas Beach only a few minutes away, it is a perfect getaway place to experience the green and the blue of West Java. Originally named Cukang Taneuh, the canyon is located in Cijulang, in the District of Ciamis, West Java. Cijulang is 31 km away from Pangandaran, a much more well-known beach in West Java.


Cukang Taneuh means soil bridge although most people call it Green Canyon – a name popularized by a France traveller in 1993. The best time to visit Green Canyon is during dry season where the bright green of the river welcomes visitors. During rainy season, the colour of the river is rather brownish due to the extent of the mud carried by river flow.

“It is green because of the algae inhabited the riverbed,” the boatman explained to me. Visitors have to rent a boat from Ciseureuh to get to the cave, 3 kilometers away. It takes only around 30 minutes. The boat ride was my favourite part. It was green everywhere – tWhe river and the surrounding. Sometimes I could hear the chippery birds between the roaring boats machine.

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