The Mist Of Ranu Kumbolo

May 1st, 2016 | by TheJourneyMagz
The Mist Of Ranu Kumbolo
Hiking Trip

I t’s an unforgettable morning for the Mount Mahameru hikes. The chilling weather, thick mist on the lake surface, greets me and my friend who seeks warm by drinking a glass of coffee.


A few moments later, sun starts to rise from behind the hills. Shining through the surrounding valley. Pink, as a blushing cheek of a beautiful young girl. Fishers start to attach baits, hikers starts the journey, and I still sit and admire the beauty of God’s painting. Life starts in a beautiful way here.

This is Ranu Kumbolo, the heaven of Mount Mahameru. The resting place for hikers who just came down from Mahameru – the peak of the Gods, the highest point in Java.


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