The Three Gilis

March 1st, 2016 | by TheJourneyMagz
The Three Gilis
Beach Vacation

Off the North-West coast of Lombok there are three islands known as the Gilis. These three drops in the ocean have been bringing tourists in for decades; but, surprisingly, there are times when you wouldn`t even know they are on the tourist radar!


The three islands (all within sight of the mainland) each have their own unique identity, each attracting a different sort of traveller looking for that perfect spot. The islands feature in many guidebooks, but as they have grown over the past few years, these books remain pretty out-dated…the islands now boast reliable electricity, a much greater choice of sleeping options, and also boast ATM machines. Something that has not changed however, is the laid-back charm each of them possesses; due, no doubt, to the fact that no motorised transport is allowed…only ponies and bicycles. This in turn, keeps the Gilis wonderfully quiet and peaceful.

Starting with the largest, Gili Trawangan (often shortened to Gili T), it is immediately clear why it happens also to be the most popular. With a well-established bar, hotel and scuba diving scene, there is an option for just about every budget and style. From laid-back bungalows steps away from the beach, to hotels with an amazing record and attention to detail that rivals the best that nearby Bali has to offer.


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