Top 10 Tribe Of Indonesia

May 1st, 2016 | by TheJourneyMagz
Top 10 Tribe Of Indonesia

10 Tengger, East Java
The descendants of the Majapahit princes. Settled in the isolated hinterland region of mount Bromo within the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park in East-Central Java. The Tenggerese still practice the ancient Majapahit Hinduism until today



9 Baduy, West Java
In a fast-changing world, the Badui community in Banten, west Java reminds an enigma. A deeply spiritual community, a wholly unique and closed society, the Badui people of Banten steadfastly maintain their ancient ways, rejecting most trappings of modern society


8 Ngada, Flores
A tribe inhabiting the south coast of Flores, know for their Bena Village, a tribal village with traditional architecture and it still has many ancient rites and customs that are remnants of the megalithic.


7 Nias, Sumatra
Isolated off the western coast from the main Sumatra island the Nias tribe who lives in Nias islands, Developed its own unique culture. One of the famous the Stone jumping or Fahombo. A tradition carried out by a man to jump over a 2 meter height stack of stones, as a prove of adulthood of a man


6 Toraja, Sulawesi
The local inhabitant highlands of the island of central Sulawesi, Toraja tribe are famouse for its traditional elevated dwelling that features a massive boat-shaped roof and colorful exterior wall. Also the unique burial rituals, where the dead body is not buried but put inside the giant rocks on a hillside walls


5 Dani, Papua
They are one of the most populous tribes in the highlands of Papua, and are found spread out through the highlands. The Dani are one of the most well-known ethnic groups in Papua, due to the small numbers of tourists who visit the Baliem Valley area where they predominate


4 Asmat, Papua
an ethnic group of New Guinea, residing in the Papua province of Indonesia. Possessing one of the most well-known and vibrant woodcarving traditions in the Pacific, their art is sought by collectors worldwide. In some inland regions, the Asmat have lived in tree houses, sometimes as high as 25 meters from the ground.


3 Sasak, Lombok
A tribe who inhabit the native island of Lombok, They are related to the Balinese in language and race, although the Sasak are predominantly Muslim while the Balinese are Hindu. Famous for their traditional hand weaving and huts.


2 Dayak, Kalimantan
The indigenous peoples on the island of Borneo by the Indonesian part known as Kalimantan.In the past the Dayak were feared for their ancient tradition of headhunting practices. Now days, some dayak people still reside in along the fertile river side or in the lush rain forest.


1 Bali Aga, Bali
Although not a tribe, they are known as ‘the old people of Bali’. Living in walled villages with gates that, until recently, remained closed to the outside world. This has resulted in a culture that has changed little over time, preserving a lifestyle significantly different to that throughout the rest of the island. Most famous their way of burial, Instead of cremating their corpses, they simply places them under this banyan tree. The odor is mysteriously masked by a special arboreal fragrance emitted by the banyan tree. Two main villages exist today that can be visited by travellers in the region, these are Trunyan (Near Kintamani) and Tenganan (Near Candidasa, East Bali).


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