Trail of Fredoom : History of a Nation

July 1st, 2016 | by TheJourneyMagz
Trail of Fredoom : History of a Nation

August is a special month for people all over Indonesia, as the nation will celebrate its 71th Independence day, the day when this vast archipelago nation 71 years ago join hand in hand to declare its freedom, the day when one word shouted all over the nation. An Indonesian word for “freedom”, MERDEKA !


August the 17th 1945, at 10.00 AM a historical moment for the entire nation is about to happen. Crowd start to flocking the yard of a small house in Jl.Pegangsaan Timur 56 in Jakarta. When a group of men exit the house entrance, led by two men. Both men are whom later will be known as the nation’s two founding fathers, Soekarno and Hatta. As Soekarno steps up to with a piece of paper, the crowed stop murmuring and held their breath. In that piece of paper written down the Indonesia’s Declaration of Independence. It is the peak of long struggle against the colonization, and the starting point of a rise of a nation.

Now a monument is build on the site and known as the Proclamation Monument, with the statue of Soekarno and Hatta stand between the marble engraved with declaration text.



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