Wawo Muda

January 1st, 2016 | by TheJourneyMagz
Wawo Muda

Just over a decade ago, in central Flores, the volcano Wawo Muda erupted, leaving behind a massive crater. When the rain started to fall, it created five bright-red and orange colored lakes.

These lakes are not always visible and when visiting you can find yourself not encountering any of the lakes during parts of the dry season.

But when they are visible they are astonishing and unlike any other colored lake. The closest town to the crater is Ngorenale in the Ngada District, it is a small town mainly consisting of farms and coffee plantations. The town is located about 15 minutes from Bawaja, the largest city in the district.

Near the foot of the crater there is an entrance gate to the Wawo Muda Area, where there is also a parking area for cars and bikes. To reach the crater itself a short hike (1-2hs) uphill needs to be undertaken. Along the trail there are several coffee plantations and farms, which thrive in this area because the volcanic soil is highly fertile.

The coffee is mainly exported to countries like the United States. Next to coffee the farmers also grow fruit and vegetables. The surrounding area is covered in vegetation with a variety of interesting plants and animal species.

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